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Our Commitment

Taking Care of Our Worker Community
Arcotec makes extraordinary efforts to keep employees working so they can support their families: we strive to ensure that all our projects have a positive impact on Haiti’s economy.

Arcotec offers on-site health care and subsidized meals to site workers, and our emphasis on safety aims to prevent injuries. Mini-communities spring up around our building sites because we allow vendors to set up shop and sell goods, extending economic opportunity to another circle of the population.

Growing Local Resources and Human Capital
Arcotec places tremendous importance on offering on-the-job training that helps our professional workers and laborers develop into capable engineers and trade workers. We’re proud to help them build the skills they use to build for our clients. Knowing the challenges of the Haitian environment, including an overall lack of school-based education, means Arcotec’s professional staff can do its best to grow our people into better professionals who can contribute to their communities.

Preserving and Helping to Heal Haiti
To help prevent further deforestation in Haiti’s fragile environment, we built around every tree on the site of the Oasis hotel, not cutting any. Arcotec salvages construction materials, reusing or recycling whenever possible. We could, for example, use crushed concrete instead of crushed rock if it’s practical. We built a retention pond to help prevent erosion.