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Company History

Gerard Figaro
Arcotec’s roots reach back to the early 1970s when Gerard Figaro, a Haitian businessman and mechanical engineer, became involved in real estate and electrical infrastructure development. Gerard retired in 1986 and the company was dormant until the family’s long-time interest in building and construction was revived in the mid-1990s.

At that time, Gerard’s son Patrick, who returned to Haiti with a degree in civil engineering and a specialty in architecture, renamed the company Arcotec S.A.—Architecture Construction Technique S.A.—and grew the firm into a preferred vendor for international companies doing business in Haiti. To take advantage of growth potential, Arcotec acquired a fleet of heavy equipment and partnered with companies that complemented Arcotec’s skills.

Though Arcotec initially worked on projects that were designed internally and built by other companies, as its fleet grew, the firm shifted its focus from architecture to construction. Thanks to education and family tradition, Arcotec is a builder with a deep understanding of architecture that gives us unique know-how for constructing complex buildings in Haiti’s unique environment.